Temporary solutions aren’t

Temporary solutions: the idea that deploying something as a short-term measure that will be fixed “properly” later.  You will find out that temporary solutions rarely are just temporary and end up being long-term solutions to a problem that either gets forgotten about in lieu of the next temporary solution or added to some backlog of technical debt for later remediation.

A temporary solution to a problem is better than no solution to a problem.  It could be that the solution is a workaround, but if it meets the goal or objective then should you be considering it a success?  Temporary solutions are not an excuse to do a half-arsed or sloppy job though, because if you treat everything as something you’ll come back later to do “properly”, most of those things you never will come back to, so at least try to pick the temporary solution that isn’t the ugliest hack job you’ve ever done.

Now with that said, one fundamental thing that we should all realise is that pragmatism is key to being a successful IT practitioner these days.  So whilst you need to think about how temporary a solution will be, you’re generally coming up with this solution as a reaction to something and/or within a compressed time frame where you don’t have the luxury of lots of time for planning or procrastinating over the best solution.

My advice would be to understand that temporary solutions often exist for far longer than you may hope or originally plan for.  Temporary solutions aren’t.

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